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Are you a business owner looking for the right marketing tools? Each year, thousands of business owners attempt to advertise their services and products to a new audience. There are some in the digital marketing industry who have proclaimed print marketing is dead, but this is far from the truth. The customers who use InteGrand for their printing needs claim to have continued success with this type of advertising. Here are just some of the reasons why print marketing is still alive and kicking.


Printing Flyers Allows You To Give Prospective Clients Something Tangible


If you are trying to create a lasting impression on a prospective client, then using print marketing is a great idea. With internet ads, you are not supplying a person with anything tangible. Generally, these types of ads will go in one ear and out the other. Flyers allow a person to revisit the offers you are providing anytime they want. A person is generally more likely to hang on to a flyer than they are to make a bookmark on their computer for a company’s website. Want to drive even more business to your company? Consider including a small coupon within the flyer in an attempt to drive the potential customer to your services.


Pop-Ups Can Be Quite Annoying


Often times, companies who invest in things like pay-per-click marketing will have to use tactics like pop-up ads to get people to click their ads. Having things popping up at you when you are trying to read an online news article or even check social media can be downright annoying. Instead of using these tactics, you can engage your audience via the medium of jumbo car printing and letters. A well-designed and appealing flyer can have just as much, if not more impact than a pay-per-click ad.


Print Marketing is a Great Way to Show Your Company’s Individuality


Are you looking for a way to distance yourself from your competitors? Taking advantage of print marketing is a great way to do just that. Many “modern” businesses have completely abandoned print marketing in lieu of customized websites and social media marketing. With so many businesses doing the same thing, it is difficult to get traction with internet marketing without a serious investment of money and time. Using print marketing is a great way to spread your message and show off your company’s individuality at the same time.


A Higher Degree of Credibility


Many people are wary when it comes to internet pop-ups and banner ads. There are so many dangers out there in cyber-space and often times people equate pop-ups with spam and computer viruses. Rather than having your message lost due to this perception, you can have a higher degree of credibility with print marketing. Often times, people will trust a business who has flyers or even a newspaper ad before they will one that exclusively markets their services or products online. If you are looking for a way to make a new business more credible and trustworthy, then print marketing is something you have to consider.


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December 13, 2017 | Print, Tips and Tricks