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Great Ideas For Halloween-Themed DIY Office Décor - InteGrand

Are you looking for a way to bring the spirit of Halloween into your office space? Decorating for certain holidays can be a lot of fun for both business owners and their employees. Coming up with new and exciting ways to make your workspace a Halloween oasis can be a bit difficult. You will need to work on coming up with some appealing design ideas before starting to craft your ghoulish décor. Luckily, the team at InteGrand has compiled a list of fun DIY décor ideas for this time of year. So sit back and soak in all of the appeal of the items on our Halloween decor list.

Geometric Ghoulish Ghost Boxes

As anyone will tell you, the best part about the Halloween holiday is the candy that is given out. Why not make some folded boxes that look like ghosts to put around the cubicles in your office space. The best part about these folded up ghosts is that they can be used to store candy in. This is perfect for employees with a bit of a sweet tooth. All you need for this projects is some candy, card stock and a bit of time.

Halloween Themed Pen Cup

If you are like most office space dwellers, then having the right office supplies is a must. Pens are usually a hot commodity in an office space. Finding a cool and seasonal way to store the pens you have is easy with a mason jar and a bit of orange paint. Painting the Mason jar orange and then finding some plastic spiders to dangle off of it is a great way to show how much you love this time of year. Most of the supplies needed for this DIY crafting project can be found out your local dollar store.

Making a Trick or Treat Garland

A great way to spread some Halloween cheer is by having some garlands printed up. You can make these decorations display any phrase you want. Working with printing professionals is a great way to ensure the sign you get is of the highest quality. Make sure you pick the right spot for these signs once you get them constructed. Ideally, you will want to put them where they will be the most visible to visitors of the office. Putting them on the front door or along a row of cubicles is a great ideal.

Celebrate With Some Emoji Pumpkins

Do you love all things technology and Halloween related? Why not put these two great passions of yours together with the emoji pumpkin. With a nice large pumpkin and some paint, you will be able to bring your favorite emojis to life. Due to the simplicity involved in this DIY Halloween craft, you will be able to make a variety of different emojis to put all over your office space. Be sure to get your employees in on the action to get this craft done in a hurry.

Have Fun With a Chalkboard Skull

Are you looking for a way to completely customize the look of the Halloween décor in your office space? What better way to do this than by making a chalkboard skull? All you have to do is get a skull from a local décor supplier and a few cans of chalkboard paint. When applying this paint, be sure to apply multiple coats. You will need to let the coats dry before applying more. With this type of paint, you can change the writing on the skull daily. This is a great way to remind employees about things going on in your office.

Enjoy the Appeal of Printed Skeletons

Working with a printing professional can allow you to get a number of great looking items for your office space. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the customizable printed décor you can get. Having a few printable skeletons around your office space can really get everyone in the mood for Halloween. A reputable printing professional will be able to put just about anything you want on your skeleton. Getting things like your company logos all over this printed piece is a great idea due to the brand reinforcement it can offer.

Graveyard Paper Lanterns

A great way to lighten the mood around your office space is by making some graveyard paper lanterns. With a bit of imagination and some talent, you will have no problem making these appealing and illuminating pieces of Halloween décor. Once you have constructed the lanterns, you can buy a few battery powered tea lights at your local craft store to light them up. These lights will not get hot, so you won’t have to worry about any safety concerns regarding fire.

Candy Corn Candle Jars

One of the staples of the Halloween candy community is candy corn. The fun colors these candies come in are great for decorating your office space. Taking some Mason jars and painting the inside of them dark orange, light orange and white is a great way to bring your candy corn candle to life. You can put a regular candle down in the jar when ready to use these holders. Make sure you extinguish the candle before heading home for the day.

Construction Paper Pumpkins With Employee’s Names on Them

If you are looking for an easy and fun way to customize the Halloween decorations in your office space, using construction paper pumpkins is ideal. All you have to do is trace the shape of a pumpkin and cut it out. Once you have a lot of these cut out, you can give them to employees to decorate. This is a great way for team members to let their creative side shine through.

Are you in need of office supplies or printing materials to make some of your crafts from? If so, let the professionals at InteGrand help you out. We can offer you the great deal on all of the office supplies you need to keep your business running.