About Us

Simplified Savings
We are a national innovator in tailoring business solutions that manage and reduce office expenses, streamline your procurement processes and gain control over desktop printing. We offer competitive pricing on your standard business products and develop tailored programs that will meet your specific needs and optimize office productivity. With our services ranging from supply chain management, to maintenance and repair, to disposal, savings are extracted throughout the lifecycle of your supplies.truck-integrand

Serving the Upper Midwest and the Nation
Located in Minneapolis – St. Paul, Minnesota, InteGrand provides supply expediting services to clients in the Upper Midwest (MN, ND, SD, WI, and IA) as well as various locations across the nation.usamap1

A History of Added Value
With years of experience in the office supply industry, Mike Harris, president of InteGrand, wanted to create something different; something that offered true solutions. For years, Harris had seen business supplies sold solely on price – products sold without service, without fully addressing the needs of the customer. So in February 2009, InteGrand was built based on a passion for connecting supplies to services that address every aspect and need of a business, from supplies to printers, to distribution and recycling.